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Social Network Strategy Jack and Jones Canada

The Project:

Founded in 1989, Danish label Jack & Jones is a street-style jeans and clothing brand for men that mirrors current trends and reflects an urban lifestyle. Aimed for a young audience (18-30 years old), the company is established in 42 countries around the world. In order to promote the brand’s identity throughout the Canadian market, to attract a country-specific targeted audience, to create brand ambassadors, to ensure a visibility on search engines and to generate more sales, Jack & Jones has entrusted Vortex Solution with the creation of a 2.0 identity and web social presence. The objective of this mandate was to succeed at getting Jack & Jones Canada’s web presence popular, without having to design a website.

The Solution:

Relying solely on Jack and Jones Canada’s media presence implementation on social networks, Vortex Solution has set up a marketing strategy that combined an interactive viral effect to a traditional event-based campaign. First, in order to gather an audience directly on-site, two distinctive events were organized in collaboration with Gendron Communication:

  1. Jack & Jones + Piknic Electronik Photobooth weekly set-up at every 2010 Piknic Electronik gathering. Pictures were directly posted on Jack and Jones Canada’s official Facebook page.
  2. Jack & Jones VIP Party that took place on November 24 2010, promoted through a customized Facebook tab.

Vortex Solution has also created Jack and Jones Canada’s foursquare account and provided maintenance for their social networks.

The Outcome:

Created in July 2009, Jack and Jones Canada’s Facebook page had 2 320 fans at the beginning of Vortex Solution’s mandate on May 1 2010. By February 24 2011, 3 639 people were Jack and Jones Canada fans. On November 30 2010, after pictures from the VIP party were published, 143 interactions (79 iLikes and 64 comments) were registered, a record since the page was first created.

Thanks to the impact and to the popularity of Jack and Jones Canada’s Facebook page, it is now featured among the first results when searching for Jack and Jones Canada on Google.

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