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Viral Web Contests Centres Dentaires Lapointe

The Project:

The Centres Dentaires Lapointe dental office regroups dental surgeons, denturists and hygienists, all under the same roof. Preoccupied with offering our clients a unique experience beneficial to their health, self-esteem and beauty, we were faced with the challenge of making our services known through the Internet. For this reason, we mandated Vortex Solution to develop a winning, unified and efficient viral campaign.

The Solution:

Developed by Vortex Solution, the "Win a Lapointe Smile" contest will provide 4 lucky winners with the opportunity to improve their smile by sharing a total of $20 000 worth of treatments. In order to sign-up, candidates must fill out the appropriate form, send a picture of their face as well as a close-up of their smile. They must also write a short essay explaining why they believe they should "Win a Lapointe Smile". The contest is based on a vote system. Participants build their campaign, create events on Facebook or invite their friends by email to vote for them. Everyone ends up being a winner. In fact, voters obtain a $50 gift certificate in exchange for their vote, valid for any dental treatment in any 1 of the 15 Centres Dentaires Lapointe throughout Québec.

The Result:

Only 2 weeks after having been launched, the contest had already attracted over 3,900 candidates. Furthermore, around 72,500 votes were registered and over 44,000 people received a $50 gift certificate. The strength of social networks was determinant since there was absolutely no advertising in newspapers, on television or on the radio. The Centres Dentaires Lapointe are currently welcoming new clients and are increasingly known throughout Québec thanks to its viral campaign, developed by Vortex Solution.

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