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Viral Web Contests Amoureux de la pomme (Pomme Qualité Québec)

The Project:

Wanting to make its services and a variety of Quebec-grown apples known to the general public, the Fédération des producteurs de pommes du Québec has entrusted Vortex Solution with the mandate to conduct and organize a Web 2.0 campaign and to deploy a web presence strategy in order to give Quebec-grown apples exposure on various social networks. In the course of its mission, Vortex Solution has set up, in collaboration with Gendron Communication, a theme-based campaign called «Pour les amoureux de la pomme» which was launched on the micro website and on their official social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. With the aim to put an end to a popular belief that states that Quebec apples are only available at a specific time of the year, a fun and participatory concept was developed, which stimulates interaction between supporters and enables Pomme Qualité Québec to spread its name throughout the entire province.

The Solution:

The «Amoureux de la Pomme» project was carried out in a series of three distinctive interactive contests and was held from November 15 2010 to March 13 2011, everywhere in Quebec:

1-      Signature Pomme 365: Invitation to create Pomme Québec’s new visual signature for their 365 concept (365 days a year). Entrants will submit their own concept through the micro website and will encourage members of their social web community to vote for their work. The original concept creator that was selected by the members of the jury has won a 27-inch Apple iMac. The entrant who has received the most votes for its submitted concept has won Apple’s iPhone 4.

2-      Pommes de profil: Invitation to get web users to publish a picture of themselves on their personal Facebook profile with any Qualité Québec apple. Four Apple iPhone 4 have been randomly given to those who have published a Facebook profile picture.

3-      Quiz 365 degrés: Contest that invites the web community to test their knowledge about Quebec-grown apples through a quiz tab on Facebook. Three iPhone 4 have been randomly given to those who have taken the quiz.

The Outcome:

Fédération des producteurs de pommes du Québec’s presence on its micro website and social networks, combined with the design and execution of interactive contests and promotional campaigns, has contributed to the gain of exposure, visibility and prominence of the organization and of its products. Thanks to a well-orchestrated viral strategy, traffic towards the Fédération’s official website has increased significantly and intelligent content has been produced, which improves the company’s natural SEO on search engines. From an advertisement point of view, Pommes du Québec’s brand image has been rejuvenated and popularized on a larger scale.

The entire viral strategy that was set up has attracted a considerable amount of entrants towards Pommes Qualité Québec’s micro website and social network platforms.

The number of fans on the new Facebook page has reached over 5 000 when the contest ended. The name @PommesQualiteQC has been exposed to over 15 062 Twitter members thanks to their mentions.

There has been over 17 000 visits on the microsite which was created for the campaign.

The Facebook quiz has received thousands of entries, and the "Pommes de profil" micro-contest has gathered about 300 subscriptions. Finally, over 150 signature concepts have been sent for the big Amoureux de la Pomme contest. Concepts have been viewed over 22 000 times throughout the duration of the contest.

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