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iPhone and iPad Applications Garfield (Publications Modus Vivendi)

Garfield (Publications Modus Vivendi)

The Project:

Groupe Modus Vivendi, wanting to be a part of the leading companies in francophone digital publications, has called upon Vortex Solution for its expertise related to iPad application development. During the course of the mandate, Vortex Solution has created and developed the interactive digital player for Garfield comic books, which led Les Publications Modus Vivendi to rank among the first e-book publishers whose audience consists of francophone readers. Throughout its strategic (and emotional) decision, the Garfield application was destined to act as a springboard for the Quebec publisher’s other literary applications.

The Solution:

Vortex Solution has chosen to launch a free 19-page chapter, whose release was aimed to attract the interest of a broad audience for the famous comic strip, to give exposure to the availability of its digital version and to convince people to adopt a new way of reading. Affordable and easily accessible, the first two complete albums were sold at $0.99 per 19-page chapter and at $2.99 for each 95-page complete albums. By the beginning of April 2011, eight new Garfield digital albums will be sold through the App Store in the Digital Books category.

The Outcome:

The Garfield application is now available worldwide via the App Store. Since the launch of the two first volumes on December 23 2010, the App Store has registered over 25 000 Garfield application downloads. Vortex Solution has established Le Groupe Modus Vivendi as one of the first companies to offer francophone digital publications on the famous multimedia tactile tab.

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