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Vortex Solution launches Radio-Canada’s new web space

Vortex Solution is proud to announce the creation of the publicite.radio-canada.ca website, an online advertising solutions platform that brings together Radio-Canada’s banners: ARTV, Espace.mu, Explora, RDI, Radio-Canada.ca, Radio-Canada Télévision, Radio-Canada Mobile and Tou.tv. Custom-designed for Radio-Canada sales and marketing department’s needs and for advertisers also, the new website of Radio-Canada proposes to explore new media, advertising and promotional possibilities and to call upon tailored marketing strategies. By dealing with Radio-Canada, advertisers will therefore benefit from the society's strong expertise thanks to their Créativité Média service. On this point, the publicite.radio-canada.ca website includes a Portfolio section and a Cases of Studies section that both prove the resounding success of the projects and the diversity of the solutions in terms of marketing and advertisement. Also, each Radio-Canada banner gets its own page with detailed statistics and data on the audiences’ profile targeted by each brand. This way, this information confirms Radio-Canada’s high profile and well-established reputation. Among other website features, there’s the 2012 spring-summer and 2012 fall schedule of Radio-Canada’s television channel in which available advertising spots are identified.

It’s with great enthusiasm that Vortex Solution would like to highlight the ingenuity and creativity with which the website was designed. Thanks to a successful cooperation between Vortex Solution, Radio-Canada and other partners, the society now has a web platform that is both sophisticated and user-friendly, and that reflects the innovation it has shown throughout the years.

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