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Environmental Policies at Vortex Solution

  • All lights must be turned off, with the exception of emergency lights, upon leaving the office at night or on weekends. Furthermore, heating is lowered by 3 degrees Celsius at night during the winter.
  • Computer monitors must be shut off upon leaving the office at night.
  • All lights of an unoccupied office must be turned off.
  • Computers and printers are shut off during the weekend.
  • Photocopiers are placed on energy saving mode when unused.
  • Office supplies (paper, folders, etc.) are recycled when possible. In addition, orders are placed once a month (except in the event of an emergency) in order to prevent providers from having to make unnecessary trips.
  • Folders, files, paper, paper clips, etc., are reused.
  • Paper, cardboard and plastic are recycled.
  • Documents are printed only when necessary.
  • No plastic cups or utensils are used in the dining room.
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs are used for office lighting.
  • An incentive not to print emails is added at the end of a signature file as well as after a signature on most documents.
  • Empty toner cartridges and batteries are recycled.
  • Products sold in bulk or in large quantities are favored to those sold individually, thus reducing the amount of required packaging.
  • Employees consume tap water.
  • Obsolete computer hardware is granted a second life; it is given to a charitable organization.
  • Fresh local products made in Québec are favored as often as possible.

Our enterprise is partners with Jour de la Terre (

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