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Analysis of Website Optimization (SEO)

Choice of Appropriate Keyword Mixtures for an English Website and Translation of The Website in French for the Montreal Market (Canada)

Vortex Solution's technical staff and SEO optimization specialists begin by checking the current status of your Website to ensure that the optimization process will be possible given your existing Website design. Then, using manual searches as well as customized Vortex Solution research software, an optimizer on our search engine optimization, specialists will take the data and create a list of the most highly trafficked and targeted words in your industry (usually from a list our client provides also) - and consult with you to choose the final list of keywords (combinations). Our SEM staff chooses combinations of words and phrases ("keywords") that your visitors, prospects or buyers are most likely to use to search for your Website and make sure your Website performs with these combinations of strategic phrases.

Linguistic profiling is a unique service in the marketplace. Vortex Solution provides you with an in-depth understanding of the Web dialect used within specific categories by mining search data and applying proprietary algorithms to the data. These profiles established by the Vortex Solution team help you understand what kind of language customers are really using to find your company or its products or services online.

After a list of keyword combinations has been created for your Website, it is passed along to our content writers, who create unique content from that list. Using their training and experience, our writers will ensure that your Website's keyword content is perfectly in accordance with data density and the marketing of your site for search engine optimization purposes. It is important to mention that our translator as well as our professional writers can work both in French (source or target language) as well as in English.

We offer a professional website translation service from English to French in order for you website to be strong on both the French and English-speaking markets.

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