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About.Me - Your personal page that consolidates your web profiles

About.Me - Your personal page that consolidates your web profiles

25 March | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Foursquare, StrumbleUpon… Alright, we know that you’re web-social. Now, what would you say if you could focus your contacts in one central point?

About.Me: Your web business card

About.Me allows you to create a customized presentation page, in your image, that displays the links that point towards your web platforms and various social networks. Following personal showcase trends such as Card.biz and Flavors.me, About.Me is characterized by one major advantage: its evocative URL. You can’t get more marketing than that!

Do you ask yourself what’s the purpose of this type of personal showcase? Think about it this way: an online CV that can be accessed quickly and in one spot.
What are the magic words that will make you give in? Your Google SEO.
I think we might have struck a chord!

About.Me: a smart move for companies

Thanks to its profile aggregator approach, About.Me comes off as an excellent showcase that companies should tap into. In the form of a landing page, using About.Me offers you the opportunity to enhance your brand image, to publish company-related information and to redirect web users towards your website and social platforms.

About.Me also gives you access to your web page visits statistics and depicts a revealing picture of your web visitors.

A startup that brings users many advantages

•    Original domain name with powerful marketing tone
•    Access to website visits statistics
•    Power to consolidate links to your web platforms and social networks
•    Easy-to-use system

Recently acquired by AOL, the About.Me startup, officially operational since last December 16, has managed to captivate over 40 000 users in only three months throughout their testing phase.

All in all, About.Me works towards becoming a prime tool in order to consolidate your web presence online!

Get a glimpse here:


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