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RDV Web 2011 > Social Media and new technologies: a challenge for companies

RDV Web 2011 > Social Media and new technologies: a challenge for companies

19 April | Posted by @Marie-Sophie Désormeau

On April 14 in Montreal, the #RDVWeb 2011, an annual meeting for interactive communications professionals, took place.


This second edition was mainly tinged with social network presentations and was supplemented with contemporary issues such as new web professions, mobility and the inevitable SEO, SEM, SMO.


Even though we could describe this event as a gathering of interactive communications professionals, we find it interesting to see that many companies that were on the lookout for information about new web realities and technologies joined in. The mixed contribution of client companies (who need advice from experts) and service companies (that offer expert services) to the event has given us food for thought.


This new path has influenced the content that’s presented in conferences and panels and that is transferred in a client company context, for which the understanding, the usage and the implementation of social networks has become a key challenge, but that is always and still is debatable:


  • Virtual identity and public life: the story of a journalist who’s disappeared from the e-world
  • New web professions
  • Online memes: a strategic success or a stroke of luck?
  • 2011 SEO, SEM and SMO musts
  • User-experience, creativity and design
  • Social web turn for companies: a necessity?
  • Technological trends to watch out for in 2011
  • E-Commerce: new online distribution models
  • Monitoring on social networks : strategies to adopt
  • Developing interaction-based strategies
  • Best business concepts for mobile devices and digital tablets
  • Multi platform design: facts and trends
  • Geotargeting marketing: what are the opportunities for brands?
  • Knowing how to market and position your mobile application
  • Crisis and Social Media: knowing how to predict the unpredictable
  • Profitability of your online advertisement investments
  • The power of influential networks (Facebook)

After having received information on many discussed topics at the RDV Web 2011, client companies are assigned with the mandate of a second challenge; assimilating, selecting and executing this new knowledge:

  • Which type of knowledge will support companies’ marketing efforts?
  • Which type of knowledge will bring an added value to their B to B and B to C procedures?
  • Which actions will need to be carried out internally and which ones, externally, in partnership with a team of specialists?
  • What are the real needs of companies concerning new technologies and support on social networks?
  • How do we justify budgetary expenditure on these new platforms, and usage of these new tools?
  • Etc., etc.

When a subject matter is not yet mastered, the important thing is carrying out your quest for information and letting it evolve in line with the vision in the professional context in which you operate. Information sources, such as RDV Web and other educational-related gatherings, web companies, consultants, specialized blogs and other targeted resources, have the expertise to guide a company throughout its decision-making process. It is for the client company then to determine which type of partnership suits best, in the short and long term.


Vortex Solution and its team would like to thank les Éditions Infopresse for this second RDV Web and also congratulates those who participated. May the thoughts and discussions that arose from the gathering actually improve better web and technological platform use, in a business context, for client and expert companies!


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