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Organizing Facebook contests: new rules of the game!

Organizing Facebook contests: new rules of the game!

18 May | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

The popular social platform that is Facebook is reviewing, once again, its rules for contests and promotions posted from its interface. In order to ensure a better quality control of the social platform’s features, all contests and promotions must now be managed through a Facebook application (canvas page or customized tab).


Some parameters have been put in place in order to strengthen the responsibility of companies in their social networking, promotional and online advertising activities. Here is an overview that sums up the current situation.


Therefore, for every promotion or contest:


-       It is no longer possible to use the Like and Comment features as voting tools. No Facebook functionality can be used as a subscription or participation mechanism.

-       The fact of liking and commenting a wall post or picture may in no case condition a subscription.

-       There should be a statement that reads that Facebook is neither the contest or promotion’s administrator or sponsor.

-       A discharge should be given to each entrant and it should mention that Facebook is not responsible for this action and that information provided by the entrant is disclosed to the organizing company.

-       Winners should not be officially notified through the following Facebook tools: messages, instant chat, and profile and page posts.

-       Facebook brand name and trademarks cannot be used within a promotional framework.

Companies must also be advised that, within the framework of a contest, Facebook is relieved from any legal responsibility. The contest organizer therefore becomes the only one responsible for the security and legal issues raised by the contest.


Facebook is still a high-performance and extremely interesting platform to put high-impact viral strategies in place. Tools that companies take advantage of today, within the framework of a contest or promotion through Facebook, are now, more than ever, designed to offer optimal visibility and to receive a favorable consumer response. In order to set up promotional activities and contests that will comply with Facebook’s rules, and to offer the best investment and time results, it is now time to rely on experts who have proven themselves and that are ready to deal with the ups and downs of interactive marketing. Facebook’s policies are modified on a regular basis and it is therefore important to keep up to date with the rules laid down by the Social Media. As a company, bear in mind that the efforts you put into social networks are important and that departure from rules can lead to your page or profile to be categorically deleted.

For further information about the best methods in implementing viral contests on Facebook, feel free to contact our social network department!




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catherine beaumier lacroix

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Le concours peut devenir une très belle opportunité pour les entreprises afin de consolider leur présence dans les médias sociaux. Bien implanté, il peut aussi être très intéressant pour les consommateurs. Mais ne se lance pas dans un concours viral qui veut. Il est important de bien connaître les modalités et les règles qui régissent désormais les concours lancés sur les médias sociaux. Autant pour les participants que pour les entreprises, ces règles visent à rendre sécuritaires les concours en ligne et à éviter la sollicitation à outrance.

Hélène Leduc

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 pour ceux qui aiment les concours

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