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10 rules for a successful marketing strategy on social networks

10 rules for a successful marketing strategy on social networks

19 May | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

To succeed in developing a successful social networks marketing strategy, it is crucial to know the key components that will define the project’s direction.  In that perspective, the “Community Manager” and the social networks strategist rest on 10 principal rules that are very important to follow in order to succeed in the development of a dynamic, positive and gainful presence in the communities.


10 rules to follow in order to develop a successful social networks marketing strategy


1-Identify and understand your audience: Who is my audience? What is it looking for?  What are its habits? How does it behave on social networks? How do I use netnography notions to understand my audience?


2-Know how to reach out to your target audience and clients: Which social networks does my audience use?  How often does it go on these social networks? How does my target audience’s ecosystem and social hierarchy deploy?


3-Choose the right means of communication: Which social networks should I focus on within the framework of my strategy? Where should I focus my efforts?

4- Create your brand image: How should I create an appealing corporate image that will draw attention?


5- Know how to reach out to professional influencers: Who are the opinion leaders of the communities to reach out to? How do I attract their interest and make them the spokespersons of my brand?


6-Create and maintain close ties with your audience: What do I tell my audience in order to draw its attention? How do I develop a valuable discourse? How do I make the audience interact with my brand? What elements do I need to think through in order to develop a long-lasting relationship with the community?


7-Generate qualified numeric content: How do I gather tangible results from our discourses and actions?


8-Promote information sharing: How do I set up a substantive discussion between the brand and the community? How do I turn it into something positive?


9-Develop a powerful database: How do I obtain relevant information about my audience?


10-Analyse the outcome of your actions: How do I measure the results? How do I move forward and refine my strategy?



In order to establish a successful social networks strategy, it is important to take the time, the effort and to look for the appropriate expertise to help you determine your needs, your objectives and to guide you throughout the progress of your approach. Your audience is on the Web; it is time to reach out and to build a valuable relationship!


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