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Social Media and businesses

Social Media and businesses

31 August | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

It’s been said and repeated among companies who want to be at the top of their game. Those who still haven’t fully exploited the new communication tools that the Social Media offers must now, more than ever, consider them. And those who do must now reconsider the way they’re using them. If engaging in the social realm blindly is the riskiest of ways, burying your head in the sand and ignoring these new media means can also play tricks on you.

As a true social and advertising revolution, the Social Media has now conquered our everyday life. By redefining the relationship between brands, consumers, employees, employers and information media, today’s Web enables businesses to identify, reach out, communicate, create ties and understand their audience all the while keeping a finger on the pulse of a company or brand’s image, reputation and credibility.

A recent poll carried out by the Léger Marketing firm and published on August 30 2011 by SAS Canada reveals that less than one Canadian company out of five uses the Social Media effectively by remaining active in terms of publication and by conducting follow-ups on a regular basis about what web users are saying about them. This study, which was carried out among 1000 workers in senior management positions, has shed some light on the reality many companies face in our current context: how can we find the time, the resources and the tools in order to use the Social Media properly and improve it?

First observation: The majority of business leaders are firm believers in the benefits generated by the active presence of their brand on social networks. However, the fact that they’re unaware of what these Medias do and because they invest in setting up and carrying out strategies that are adapted to their needs, they can become overcautious when it comes down to taking their approach to another level.

Second observation: A wide majority of surveyed businesses believe they’re active on social networks. But the real situation is that most of them don’t blend the two main and essential operations: information publication and monitoring of comments web users are saying about them. That said, a variety of tools are now offered to ensure the effective functioning of these two procedures. Businesses have everything to gain by falling back on highly proficient resources that will hand them the appropriate tools and information to build their web identity.

Finally, I believe that any company, who wishes to set up a successful strategy and build a positive image on social networks that will lead to guaranteed results, should definitely be ready to change some parts of its usual business activities and keep an open mind to new ways of interacting with its audience. In a 2.0 mode, the worst mistake is to ignore, or worst, delete negative feedback. It’s better to be responsive to feedback and prove that your company shows interest in what is said about it. Smart social network management lies in careful listening and adapting content to your audience.


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