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Advice of the week: foursquare: boost your retail sales thanks to geolocation

Advice of the week:  foursquare: boost your retail sales thanks to geolocation

03 October | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

foursquare: a geolocation-based social network to explore for retail outlets
Allowing users to notify their geographical location in real-time on social networks (foursquare does this of course, but there’s also Facebook, Twitter, etc.), foursquare establishes itself as an interesting marketing operation tool to get your brand known, to increase traffic and generate sales. To newbies, know that foursquare’s purpose is simple: when users check-in (to notify their presence somewhere), the information is immediately sent out to their entire social community. But, what do users aim to do? Become the Mayor of the place (e.g. of their favorite restaurant, gym, neighborhood coffee place, etc.), get exclusive rebates and gather badges thanks to the appealing nature of geolocation-based social networks.

In order to generate customer loyalty, attract new clients and encourage users to purchase, several companies implemented marketing operations directly linked to foursquare usage. We should keep in mind that foursquare developed many services that were specifically meant to be used by brands: promotional operations deployed on the social network and others for when users are near your place of sale, profiles adapted to your brand image, distinctive and customized badges, stickers to be affixed on your windows and that inform customers that if they check-in, there’s a special offer waiting for them, etc.

Some companies have understood the purpose of using foursquare very well. For instance, many American and Canadian restaurants such as Domino’s Pizza offer foursquare users rebates and free food and drinks to the Mayor of the place (Domino’s gives its Mayor one pizza per week).

foursquare helps you to increase traffic
Some restaurants offer rebates when a certain required amount of foursquarers meet up at a restaurant at the same time. This is a typical deal that’s usually offered during happy hours: for every 100 people in attendance at a bar through foursquare, cocktails will be half-price. The Starbucks coffee chain has its very own Barista badge that users receive after they check-in at five different Starbucks.

foursquare is a loyalty tool that’s proven reliable
The deal is to provide foursquarers, everytime they visit, with an ever-appealing new promotional offer in order to get them to come back (20% on 1st visit, 30% on 2nd visit, etc.). There are just so many ways to communicate with customers and to build customer loyalty.

foursquare users spend more when brands are present and active on social networks
According to a recent study carried out by a large chain of electronics-specialized stores in their 5000 points of sale, foursquare users spend, on average, 3.5 times more than other consumers!


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