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Combining traditional and 2.0 marketing

Combining traditional and 2.0 marketing

19 October | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Is your company hesitating to make the 2.0 transition? Are you looking for ways to get your social networks known and get a broader audience? Are you using the traditional media and don’t know what to believe regarding their death (it should be said that in the Web realm, it’s a common trend to announce the death of something every week. Even the Web has already been pronounced dead…). Featured this week is how to use your traditional marketing campaigns in a Drive to Web perspective.

The interest consumers show for social networks, mobile applications and Internet innovations is growing at a fast pace and the time that’s spent on these platforms is increasing exponentially.


To get your social platforms known and to encourage consumers to join them, many companies and big brands have put cross-media strategies into place in order to promote their social networks. The idea is pretty simple: to use the traditional media in a Drive to Web perspective.


But why should we switch from Drive to Store to Drive to Web?

-       Because today’s consumers want to get into contact with brands, learn about the products, shop from where they are, talk to other consumers, experience something interesting, get information, etc. A good 2.0 marketing strategy will trigger a positive response from consumers and will give rise to Drive to wherever-you-want!


-       Because the Web gives you the opportunity to offer much richer, relevant and attractive advertising than any other traditional media vehicle.


On the Web and on smartphones, cross-media campaigns help to extend and prolong an experience that was begun on a traditional media vehicle. Since the digital media benefits from comprehensive and easily accessible measuring tools (number of visitors, number of clicks, bounce rate, time spent on web pages, etc.), we’re able to gain a better understanding of the analysis of actions taken by users.

Some cross-media ideas:

- QR Code integration in your newspaper ads, magazine, media displays and points of sale (however, you need to make sure that you’re truly offering an added-value and that the link will direct users to a page adapted to mobile platforms, since QR code users are always mobile).




- TV ads inviting viewers to join your brand on the Web (website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.)

- Use geolocation-based social networks (foursquare, Facebook Places) for your experiential marketing campaigns.

- Integration of Facebook and Twitter logos in all your advertisement platforms.


The goal is to involve consumers in your advertisement campaign, encourage a participative approach and to move away from advertisements that limit consumers to a passive role. Thanks to social networks, consumers now have a say, so try to make your marketing strategies the spitting image of this new form of reality.

To understand what cross-media is all about, here’s a cute and explanatory video.


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