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This week’s Top 5: The best 2.0 advertisement campaigns

This week’s Top 5: The best 2.0 advertisement campaigns

21 October | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

This week, we’ve given you some tools, to use social networks effectively, and many recommendations to popularize them in a cross-media perspective. In order to give you some original ideas to go even further, here is our Top 5 best 2.0 advertisement campaigns carried out so far!

1 - The viral campaign that broke all records:  Old Spice
In February 2010, a humor-based advertisement spot – featuring former football player Isaiah Mustafa – is launched and soon became a worldwide sensation. Named “The Man Your Man could smell like”, the winning idea from the campaign was to answer, by means of other videos, questions and comments posted by web users on Twitter. The results? Over 200 videos were posted on the official YouTube channel, 242 315 294 views, 152 401 Twitter subscribers and 1 705 855 Facebooks fans on October 19 2011! I guess we can say that Old Spice definitely hit the bull’s eye with its rejuvenated image. As for the legendary brand’s smell… it’s a matter of taste!

2 - Ikea Facebook Showroom campaign

The Swedish brand’s 2009 Facebook viral market campaign was a big hit thanks to its winning concept: a virtual showroom on Facebook, where Ikea fans were invited to tag themselves on a given product image. Those who were among the first to tag had the chance to win furniture pieces. The campaign’s impact? A large outreach on social networks, Ikea images posted on thousands of Facebook profiles with user recommendations to their community, unprecedented media coverage, all of this with a limited budget! On a sour note, after this campaign was launched, Fabecook decided to ban contests based on picture tagging. Watch the video of Ikea’s Facebook campaign.

3 - Volkswagen’s Twitter campaign to promote the new Fox
In December 2010, Volkswagen took advantage of its partnership with the Planeta Terra Festival in São Paulo to launch an e-marketing campaign mainly based on Twitter so they can promote their new Fox model to their hip audience. By scattering entrance tickets to the Festival across the city, Volkswagen then launched a website dedicated to this treasure hunt and embedded a Google Map of the Brazilian capital. Users were then invited to post the #foxatplanetaterra hashtag on Twitter. The more #foxatplanetaterra tweets, the closer the zoom on the map and places where the free tickets are located. As this hunt went on for 4 days, the #foxatplanetaterra hashtag continued to be ranked first on São Paulo’s Trending Topic.
Here’s a good video recap of how the campaign works

4 - Coca-Cola Australia uses Facebook to get fans to drink a customized Coke with their friends
Since the beginning of October, Coca-Cola personalizes its packaging by replacing its name by popular Australian first names. An e-marketing campaign was launched in connection with the new packaging, thanks to some Facebook applications:
- An application allowing fans to design a virtual customized can for their friends and post it on their wall.
- An application that gives users access to 150 customized songs to listen to while “sipping” their virtual Coke.
- An application that allows users to order customized bottles with their first name (for Australian residents only).
- A Facebook contest called Give us your best shot in which fans of the Coca-Cola Australia page have the opportunity to create an ad in line with their image.
- A Get your freeze on application which has an embedded Google Map that enables users to locate the closest Coca-Cola Ice Up Machine (in Australia, of course).

- Another ongoing contest posted on the website, and that requires an access code that can be found under Coca-Cola bottle caps.

Coca-Cola explains it as co-creating with your audience and mentions that it’s no longer possible to control messages in order to sell. We should now get consumers involved, and we absolutely agree!
Become a Coca-Cola Australia fan and find out about the campaign here.
Go to Coca-Cola Australia’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

5 - SFR introduces a smart web-documentary
Wanting to portray itself as socially responsible, French company SFR presented, at the beginning of 2010, a web-documentary website that paints an intergenerational social picture, broadcasted on the Internet. By giving Web professionals, journalists, teenagers, parents, elders and artists a voice, this series speaks, with great wisdom and truth, about living in the current digital world. Homo Numericus, portraits d’une révolution invisible is part photography, part video, part feature story and part reality TV. Thanks to this campaign, SFR has depicted a thoughtful and modern image and has managed to promote its values as a visionary company all the while getting closer to its audience.
Watch the Homo Numericus, portraits d’une révolution invisible web-documentary by clicking here.

Feel like sharing your favorite 2.0 ads? We welcome your comments!


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