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This week’s Top 5 recruitment errors and how to avoid them on the Internet

This week’s Top 5 recruitment errors and how to avoid them on the Internet

28 October | Posted by @Marco Prud'Homme

Many companies are missing out on opportunities when it comes down to using the Internet to give their company exposure to those who are looking for a job. The Human Resources market will become more and more competitive in the years to come and this is why we should use all the tools that are at our disposal to recruit employees. In order to attract potential candidates, here are some ways to avoid these five common errors.

Not using your website

It’s impossible for candidates to get an idea of the essential prerequisites of a position that needs to be filled within the company if you don’t have a section devoted to recruiting on your website. A Job Offers section should at least include a realistic description of your company and summary descriptions of positions to be filled. A content management tool can help the person in charge of Human Resources to quickly add new positions to be filled. Therefore, it is possible to establish the basic components of a Job Offers section in no time.


Having inactive email addresses

If you’ve linked resume reception to a specific inbox, you must make sure that email addresses are still active. Over time, some changes may have occurred in your company that have redefined several executives’ roles and responsibilities. It only takes a few minutes to ensure resume distribution of potential candidates is working properly.


Not sending an acknowledgment of receipt

In the social networking age, individuals who are job hunting are expecting to engage in a two-way communication. Request for information and resume submission require feedback. To that end, it is possible to set up automatic functions that provide the minimum required in terms of communication. Feedback at the end of the selection process allows closing the loop and shows your appreciation towards those who have taken the time to submit their application.


Missing from social networks

Most recent CEFRIO studies prove it: generation Y spends several hours per week in viewing content on social networks. Companies that decide to use social networks to implement a recruitment strategy should nevertheless make sure that they commit to the social network concept within their own company in order to avoid deceiving their clientele. Just be yourself in the recruitment strategies you use with web tools that are designed in line with your image.


Not evaluating your results

Regardless of the recruitment strategy your company has decided to apply, it is essential to measure its effectiveness by the goals that were initially established. A summary assessment can help you to choose more efficient web tools for your business. This way, you will be able to allocate your resources better for mandates to come.



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