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Top 5 of the week: Key questions you have to ask yourself before launching your Web project

Top 5 of the week: Key questions you have to ask yourself before launching your Web project

16 September | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

  1. What goals should you set yourself and what is your website’s main purpose? A key question indeed! You want to increase your credibility, provide web users with information, generate online sales, encourage clients to visit your store, acquire new customers, get your business known, create ties with your audience, change your image and reputation, etc. Basically, defining your main objectives is an essential step to take in order to be able to set out a successful Web strategy.

  2. What is my target audience? To reach out to your targeted audience members, you must first know who they are. Then, find out where they live, websites they visit, social networks they use, web habits they have, etc. The efforts you should invest in natural SEO, strategic watch and other online marketing activities will be established according to your audience’s profile.

  3. What resources are at my disposal? We are referring to financial resources but to human resources as well. You need to plan a budget, evaluate the time you can spare and the number of employees that will be assigned to the project’s regular monitoring and maintenance. The worst mistake is to think that once your website’s online, your job is done. In fact, web presence requires regular updates of some of your website’s sections and continued commitment to social networks (if your strategy includes social networking in its activities).

  4. How do I keep web users interested in my website? We think that you should focus on thoughtfully chosen call-to-actions, clear readable textual content, sleek and attractive visuals, simple-to-use menus and user-friendly navigation.

  5. How will my website’s performance be measured? You aim to attract a high number of unique visitors, increase the time users spend on your pages, boost your online sales quota, get a certain amount of subscriptions to your newsletter, increase the number of Facebook fans, etc. These are all essential questions you need to ask yourself in order to develop tools that will help you assess the success of your project.

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