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Case study

Websites Roch Voisine

Roch Voisine

The Project:

Roch Voisine is undoubtedly among today’s artists that have significantly contributed to our country’s cultural expansion. Today, many years after the release of his first big hit, the singer-songwriter continues to shine in North America and in Europe. In order to highlight Roch Voisine’s 25th anniversary of his career, Vortex Solution has taken upon the artist’s website redesign in addition to setting up his presence at the heart of the Social Media to illustrate and to emphasize his musical evolution. What is the main purpose of such an operation? To reach out to an audience and to Roch Voisine’s fans around the world by using the Internet. In order to do so, the expertise and know-how of a company that has proven itself and that is able to create an innovative platform, embedded in a philosophy of interactive sharing, was required. Highly keen on the mandate’s objectives, Vortex Solution has successfully developed a web platform divided into two separate components: one that is dedicated to North America and the other to Europe. The intention was simply to reach out to the two main target audiences, in a proper and customized way.

The Solution:

Vortex Solution has structured Roch Voisine’s website according to several important aspects:

  • News and Tour categories that keep fans informed of scoops;
  • Bio and Music categories to learn more about the artist’s life and musical journey;
  • Multimedia section with photo albums and audiovisual interface that allow users to follow Roch Voisine’s path in video and image;
  • Community section to follow Roch Voisine-related news on his Facebook and Twitter profile pages;
  • Online store in which fans can purchase the artist’s discography, concert tickets and various related products;
  • VIP section that allows users to enjoy the advantages of being a member of Roch Voisine’s fan-club.

The Outcome:

With a user-friendly, modern and ergonomic design, Roch Voisine’s new website has attracted a large number of fans thanks to quality content that is updated on a regular basis and because of the platform’s interactive nature which promotes exchanges among the fan-based community. Roch Voisine’s website platform also uses technology that was designed within the framework of a whole new approach developed by Vortex Solution. The approach has been thought-out to manage various web divisions easier and to offer numerous possibilities in terms of social media connectivity and exchanges among web users. Proud of the project’s success, Vortex Solution now offers its clientele made up of artists and public figures a simplified solution in order to provide website administration, maintenance and presence on social networks.

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