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The Project:

Radio-Canada is among the most influential Canadian institutions in its kind. Since its inception in 1936, the Radio-Canada Society has significantly contributed to our country’s cultural outreach and shines by the diversity of its programming, the quality of its services and the loyalty of its audience. In order to highlight a new stage in the history of this television, radio and web broadcasting giant, Vortex Solution has created a web platform for Radio-Canada’s advertising division. Aiming for a new website that differs from the group’s traditional web design without straying too far from it, Radio-Canada has mandated Vortex Solution to carry out the website’s design, create a new graphic design and ensure the project’s management. All work was performed in close cooperation between many partners such as GSoft, web development specialists, and several Radio-Canada departments.

The Solution:

Vortex Solution has structured Radio-Canada sales and marketing department’s website according to many objectives, including:

  • making internal coordination more efficient for the Radio-Canada team
  • ensuring the website’s ergonomic quality in terms of navigation, content, image and web performance optimization
  • developing the website’s design following Radio-Canada’s artistic vision
  • integrating sections intended for the group’s advertising services, audience statistics, TV programming and schedule of the group’s banners, portfolio, sales and marketing department team and the 2012-2013 programming launch.

The Outcome:

Thanks to a sophisticated graphic styling and to the website’s impeccable ergonomics, meets Radio-Canada’s expectations. Vortex Solution delivered its assigned mandate under tight deadlines, worked in strict synergy with every project stakeholder and staff teams, and was able to adapt so that the implementation of a Sharepoint-based programming be made easy. The success of the project therefore lies in the coming-together of various forms of expertise which produced very satisfying results. In fact, the project was welcomed with warm applauses from Radio-Canada, an obvious sign of the triumph of this new web tool.

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