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Case study

Websites L'Itinéraire


The Project:

Still going strong after 18 years of existence, community group l’Itinéraire continues to raise Quebec population’s awareness about the reality of the people who are facing social exclusion and homelessness. Through various social economy projects, L’Itinéraire aims to improve their autonomy, knowledge and employability so that they can get off the street. To achieve this objective, the group favors an approach that consists in giving them their rightful place among society, responsibilities and the opportunity to get back on track through achievements that foster self-esteem. Wanting their actions to be known by more people, l’Itinéraire has called upon Vortex Solution’s services. The mandate consisted in focusing on content, putting the group’s mission forward, emphasizing on l’Itinéraire’s newspaper vendors and making information readily available to everyone. Vortex Solution has therefore designed a new and modern-looking website specifically adapted to the various needs of users, regardless of the support they’re using to view the website.

The Solution:

Having given Vortex Solution carte blanche for the design of its mobile website, l’Itinéraire has put its trust in Vortex Solution for the development of their website following responsive web design guidelines. In other words, this pilot project consisted in making l’Itinéraire’s new website adaptable to any screen size and navigation platform, from traditional computers to smartphones. This way, users don’t have to use zooming options to change the size of their window. When using mobile phones, responsive websites allow users to find a stripped down platform similar to the website - in terms of design and content. The look’s the same but less busy and information is optimized according to the interface used. This type of website self-adapts: it’s scaled to the needs of users, not the other way round. In a more global way, it makes us reconsider browsing paths depending on each terminal. Vortex Solution has also integrated an online payment, subscription and donation solution that allows users to carry out these operations more easily and securely.

The Outcome:

Ever since l’Itinéraire’s website has been launched, traffic on the new web platform continues to grow which confirms that l’Itinéraire’s main objective was achieved, that is to reach out to a larger audience. The platform also allows the group to consolidate all of its resources and to make them available to friends, collaborators and fans of l’Itinéraire, which significantly improves user experience. Finally, thanks to a new web design, highly informative and educational content and to the website’s adapted ergonomics, l'itineraire.ca fully meets the group’s expectations and has proven to be a remarkable innovation in terms of web design and performance.

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