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Case study

Websites Coop UQAM


The project

With over 70,000 active members and $12 million annual sales, Coop UQAM – which was founded in 1981 – is one of the largest school institutions of its kind in Quebec.

Coop UQAM mandated Vortex Solution to develop not only an online e-commerce platform but also a global web environment suited for students, teachers, lecturers, organizations and the general public. The main goal consisted in creating a comprehensive web platform that would fit perfectly with the internal inventory and billing system as well as with the specific processes of the school and cooperative.

The solution

Vortex Solution developed an online system for school material requirements, which teachers can use to let students know what to get for their class. Students can access the lists of required material by semester and selected classes. It is then possible for students to add some or all required items to the cart and proceed to checkout securely. Once the transaction is complete, the Coop prepares the order and ensures its follow-up through the content management system (developed especially for this purpose) to keep the client updated. Depending on the selected method, the client can either pick up the order in store or have it delivered by Canada Post at a specific address.

In addition to these functionalities, many other specific and related elements were added to the website, such as the following:

  • Online payment with PayPal or by credit card with NETBANX (Optimal Payments)
  • Possibility to purchase a Coop member card (if the web user does not have one already) to take advantage of exclusive offers for members
  • E-book purchase through a proprietary API (for managing downloads)
  • Two way real-time synchronization of inventory with the Campus Gestion internal system (via web services)
  • Ultra-performing search engine tool using the Apache Solr technology handling nearly 400,000 products
  • Link to Dexero for the Déclarations des Droits d'Auteurs (DDA)
  • A classified ads system to sell used books for Coop members only

The outcome

Since the launch of the new platform, Coop UQAM receives nearly 20,000 online orders each year totalling over $1.5 million. For example, for the fall 2015 back-to-school period only, the cooperative registered close to 3,000 orders. With such excellent results, there is no doubt that this project was a resounding success!

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