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Case study

Websites Services Scolaires SESCO

Services Scolaires SESCO

The projet

Backed with more than 25 years of experience and servicing 80 institutions, Services Scolaires SESCO’s mission consists in distributing and selling textbooks and learning material. Having its website redesigned being a major challenge, SESCO decided to place its trust in Vortex Solution’s expertise.

The solution

First, a new and updated design was created and integrated, making the browsing experience both seamless and visually pleasing.

Back-to-school is an important period for SESCO and particularly for parents. That is why Vortex Solution came up with a user-friendly order system for parents to access and order their child’s list of required school supplies. Once logged in, the parent simply needs to choose the school and school level to access the child’s required school material. For families with multiple children, it is also possible to save different baskets in the parent’s account and return to them later to complete the transaction which is securely processed through the Moneris Direct Post payment system. At the client’s choice, school material can be delivered by Canada Post or picked up in person at the school institution.

Vortex Solution also implemented a system tailored to the company’s specific business requirements at such a busy time of the year. Therefore, each school institution is in a position to program a specific time in which it can go into "requirement" mode, which changes the purchasing experience. As a result, clients will get a price reduction on shipping fees, according to the number of children.

In collaboration with SESCO’s technical department, Vortex Solution developed a real-time synchronization system enabling users to update information related to products, requirements, institutions and orders both on the website and on the internal system. Alongside SESCO’s main website, Vortex Solution redeveloped the relational website "Le Sac d’école" (, which connects sellers and buyers of used school material (books, school uniforms, etc.).

The outcome

With a strong expertise in the publishing field, Vortex Solution was able to create a new graphical and stylish signature for SESCO. Thanks to its new user-friendly web platform, SESCO was able to bring in excellent results with over $6.5 million in online transactions in the last year. Vortex Solution’s expertise shows great results!

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