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Google Search Engine Optimization: SEO 101

Google Search Engine Optimization: SEO 101

16 March | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

It’s no secret; companies who wish to have a prominent place and who want to be displayed among the first search results on Google have everything to gain by calling upon the expertise of SEO professionals who will be able to set out a successful optimization strategy and combine Google’s key algorithms parameters with a company’s industry sector needs and the targeted audience’s search-related activities.


A website’s optimization quality lies on guidelines that every web project player should follow. These guidelines and basic rules allow Google to efficiently explore and index a website.


Important factors for an organic SEO

- Research trend analysis according to targeted audience. A research behavior study will help in identifying keywords related to your commercial industry sector.


- Competitive analysis. Getting to know the main competition’s strategy enables optimization methods to be profiled for websites that hold the first spots on search engine results.


- Keyword strategy: the cornerstone of a successful SEO. It is crucial to make sure that those who program and optimize your website have the right knowledge and expertise in order to create every website page according to strategic keywords that have been established. Keywords and Title tags indexation is essential in order to get a successful SEO.


- Your website’s server reputation and response time contribute to the quality of its SEO.


- Unique content for each page. By all means, avoid using the same content on several pages or on landing pages.


- External links. Ideally, it is advised to include external links (hyperlinks that are featured on other websites) that point towards your website. The greater the links that come from established websites that report on the same matter, the more Google algorithms will take them into account.

- An adapted social networks strategy. A social media web presence development supported by links and which mentions your website constitutes an obvious advantage for your website’s positioning.


- The importance of hyperlinks. Don’t wait before acquiring hyperlinks. The more optimized a website is, with different types of hyperlinks, the more it will be credible to Google.


- The key to success: Offering rich, relevant, original and quality content. Your discourse will encourage web users to visit your website, to stay on it for a longer period of time and to share it with their social community. Remember: the more hits a website gets, the more traffic it generates, the greater it will be on search engines.


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