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The very first SEO Camp will be held in Montreal!

The very first SEO Camp will be held in Montreal!

16 March | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

For companies who evolve on the Internet, optimization is today’s core issue. In fact, companies are fiercely competitive when it comes to occupying the first places in main search engine results, such as on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since 80 to 90% of web traffic, generated by search engines, is distributed among websites that hold the first results page places, SEO specialists (Search Engine Optimization) continue to develop their strategies and to pave the way for Internet advertisement placements.


In order to combine the knowledge and the efforts invested by the industry players, W3Québec will organize the first SEO Camp that will take place in Montreal on April 11 2011. The theme of the event: best practices in favor of web optimization, a hot topic that will give Quebec SEO specialists the opportunity to be informed about different SEO aspects and to acquire a vast knowledge about which practices to apply in order to improve organic optimization.


Vortex Solution is proud to offer support for W3Québec and for the first SEO Camp. The four main sponsors of the event will be represented by Vortex Solution’s Mr. Simon Robert, Mr. Pierre Désabrais, Mr. Guillaume Roussin and Mr. Francis Roussin.


“Professional web marketing consultants are still quite underrepresented in Quebec. As specialists, we have to stay well informed, because SEO trends change at striking speed. Companies all want to be featured among the first places on search engine results. To hold a place on Google’s first results page is the same as being featured on an advertisement at a highway entrance. The only difference lies in the fact that all of those who have to get to the end of the highway have to go through the same entry point!”, says Guillaume Roussin, Vortex Solution’s SEO specialist.


“There is no miracle formula to improve a website’s SEO. People should be wary of all-inclusive procedures that some companies or home-made SEO websites offer. Optimization is a case-by-case type of work and strategies are developed differently according to each type of company”, says Mr. Simon Robert, Vortex Solution’s Director of Integration.


The first SEO Camp: best practices in favor of web optimization will be the opportunity to demystify optimization practices and to stay informed on the developments related to this field. The conference is open to all and will be held on Monday April 11 2011, from 8:30am to 5:00pm, in the auditorium of Montreal’s Centre d’archives.


Do you have questions related to web optimization? Don’t hesitate to send us your comments through this article. Vortex Solution will make sure to transfer your questions to our specialists!


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referencement montreal

Thursday, March 29, 2012 Such a awesome post. If anybody share posts like this then things become quite easy. I'm very happy to read posts like this.

Simon Robert

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Vous avez des questions au sujet du référencement Web? N'hésitez pas à nous les poser via ce billet. Vortex Solution s'assurera d'en faire part aux conférenciers invités!

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