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Web strategies: The importance of content

Web strategies: The importance of content

21 September | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

It cannot be stressed enough that content now stands as a website’s architectural foundation and that its vital importance in terms of organic SEO is confirmed. Search engines know how to read and they feed off of content, but web users do too! A website or blog’s editorial content consists more than just stuffing keywords. People want to be informed and information must be easy to find. But, it should also be clear, concise, organized and interesting enough so that people are encouraged to share it with others. Those who attended RDV_Média last Thursday in Montreal were hugely impressed by a recent study presented by Jeffrey Graham, an expert in analytical web marketing and in international consumption data analysis. According to the study, 43% of users that intend to purchase a technological device won’t choose a brand that doesn’t provide online information. We can now understand the impact information has in a web strategy.



Editorial content is part of a website’s foundations and should be directly included in the project’s steps to be followed.

Here’s how:


  • First of all, it’s important to understand and to know your target audience members: Who are they? What are their habits? Where do they look for information? What do they expect? How do they express themselves? What are they interested in? What questions do they ask themselves?

  • It’s also important to review content strategies that your competitors use. How do they interact with the audience? What platforms do they use?

  • You should then establish what you want to tell your audience members by precisely defining your proposal, main information, advantages, etc.

  • Once your proposal has been well put together, you need to define keywords, important terms and expressions commonly used in your business sector.

  • Once you have your list of keywords, it’s essential to group them according to themes in order to be consistent and to be able to organize your ideas.

  • It’s now time to create your website’s tree structure which will act as the web platform’s backbone that’s directly linked to the subject matters discussed in the previous step.


Once these topics have all been covered, how do we start writing?

  • We focus on addressing only one topic per page

  • We care to elaborate in a clear and succinct way by providing main information first. The Introduction-Body-Conclusion format does not work for a web discourse, because users want to get at the heart of the matter quickly.

  • We structure our text and we pay attention to the title, subtitles, enumerations, etc.

  • We make sure to insert keywords identified by search engines, without burdening the text.

  • We seriously consider having FAQ, Tips and Blog sections. You can really build upon them in order to get good SEO.


As you can see, a web content strategy has to be developed following a specific logic. Text drafting and content architecture techniques have to be studied and implemented in an intelligent way. Now, more than ever, resorting to copywriters or web editors is well worth the effort, since content is a key criteria to reach out to web users, develop ties with the audience and establish credibility.


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