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How to set up your Link Building strategy

How to set up your Link Building strategy

12 October | Posted by @Francis Roussin

A Link Building strategy is the most important aspect of a global SEO strategy. In 2011, because of the significant expansion of powerful websites and increase of web competition, an efficient Link Building strategy is of utmost importance in order to reach the first page results on search engines.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is a technique used to make a large quantity of quality links point towards a website to be promoted. The more links a website gets from referral websites, the more search engines will deem it popular and the more it will have a competitive position.  

Link Building is a complex computer science that gathers a wide range of characteristics which can significantly influence a website’s positioning: number of links and their quality, the location of the link on the web page, the anchor of the text (keyword on your link), the theme of the link, the link building timeline, etc. 

Where can we find these links?

This week, we will focus on the places that can help us structure a website strategy around links. One of the most important features of a link building strategy is the diversity of links. With Web 2.0 booming over the past few years, web platforms have never been so diverse.

Web directories

Web directories are at the core of every Link Building strategies. Easy to access, web directories allow us to acquire good quality links while controlling the anchor of the text and the content that surrounds links. There are many thousands of web directories on the Internet; some are of great quality while others are poor. We should make sure to have a good list of web directories in order to focus our efforts in the right place. However, the downside to web directories is that they’re usually very limited in terms of number of characters, which makes web page indexation – where your link is located – harder.

Writing articles

Writing articles is one of the most effective ways to get top-quality links. Using articles for link building enables you to insert links in the furthest pages of your website, to choose the anchor of the text and its location, as well as to control, however you like, the content and themes of your article. Articles are quickly indexed by search engines which generally attach a great value to them. The only negatives to writing articles are that it’s time-consuming and that they absolutely need to be one-of-a-kind. Thankfully, there’s Content Spinning, a technique that allows writers to generate hundreds of unique articles from only one. In little time, you will have hundreds of links from press release or article-based websites.

Video-based platforms

Web video-based platforms are a prime destination to find incredible quality links. Although scarce, these platforms will instantly give power to your website. For instance, when gaining a link from a website such as YouTube or Dailymotion, your website will substantially increase its popularity.

Social bookmarks

In order to implement a successful Link Building campaign, it is essential to know how to use social bookmarks-based platforms to their full potential. However, a distinction should be made: social bookmarks usually bring in low-quality links but a well-orchestrated social bookmarks strategy will cause phenomenal extra traffic. One general public-oriented web platform can generate over 5000 hits in only one day on your website. This way, you could attract an audience that would’ve never known you even existed. The best social bookmarks strategies consist in establishing a viral video-based campaign or launching a contest. The only disadvantage lies in the near non-existence of francophone platforms. In fact, there are about thirty quality francophone social bookmarks out there whereas on the anglophone side, these platforms number in the thousands.

Social networks

In 2011, social networks have become a mandatory Link Building strategy in order to dominate search engine outcomes. At the beginning of the year, Google and Bing search engines have officially told worldwide SEO specialists that they take social bookmarks into account for their algorithms. Several SEO research companies, such as the famous Ranking Metrics in France, have estimated that a social network-based strategy on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can have close to 7% influence on a website’s SEO. Personally, I can confirm that it’s possible to win up to ten positions, in one day only, and with one keyword, thanks to this type of strategy.

Comments on blogs

Blogs are a special place to get links the “natural” way. A blog-based Link Building strategy consists in commenting an article posted by a webmaster to get links that aren’t necessarily connected to your website’s theme. But watch out! You need to make sure that the blog doesn’t have the nofollow attribute on, since this means that search engines will not consider links generated by comments. Also, a discussion board-based Link Building strategy implies an important ethical aspect. In fact, it is important to contribute to the webmaster’s article by either pointing something out or stating your opinion. If you write something along these lines – Great article! Thanks! –, then you’re actually spamming.

Links exchange

Exchanging links is a Link Building scheme that’s lost most of its power throughout the past few years, but that’s still considered to be a fundamental technique to drum up additional web traffic. Obviously, links exchange is almost impossible to do for companies. Can you imagine TD Insurance and Belair Direct mutually sharing a link on their homepage? That’s why exchanging links is more commonly used in entertainment-oriented websites or those that are part of the same network. This scheme is especially useful for creating web traffic and establishing web positioning.

2.0 profiles

2.0 profiles are both the easiest and hardest way to gather numerous links. 2.0 profiles include a web page about a web user on a website. They are abundant on Wordpress platforms. You simply need to find websites where you can subscribe, then write a short biography related to your website’s theme and finally, add your website in the appropriate section. 

There are many software programs that will let you create over 5000 2.0 profiles in just about 5 minutes. However, the problem is that only 0.3% of those profiles will get indexed by search engines, leaving the others with no reputation. There are some extremely complex SEO techniques to index thousands of profiles in no time. But we won’t talk about this here, because SEO specialists like to keep their secret weapons!


When companies decide to invest in a website design, it is unthinkable that they decide not to invest in a Link Building strategy. What purpose can a well-designed website serve if no one can find it on search engines? From personal experience, I know that any company who wants to have web exposure should invest at least 15 hours in Link Building, according to their business sector.

Need help to propel your website? We can come up with a customized Link Building strategy as complex as the one shown here below, and that will give extremely conclusive results.


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Francis Rousin

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Merci pour ton commentaire Nebseo. Effectivement, le linkwheel constitue un stratégie très efficace, notamment lorsqu'il est question de création massive de profil de forum. Pour qui est des articles, cela est également très performant, mais il faut faire bien attention de ne pas lier les articles d'un même réseau situé avec la même adress IP. Cependant, pour que le Linkwheel soit efficace, il faut que ces articles soient 'booster' avec des liens multi-niveaux tels que des profils de forum et des bookmarks.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Excellent article! Est-ce volontaire l'omission de la technique de linkwheel? Même si plusieurs croient que cette technique est révolue! Je persiste à croire avec des faits que si elle est bien faite! Les résultats y sont!

Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Très intéressant et pertinent mon cher Francis! Un excellent ouvrage à conserver sous la main!

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