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Social Network Strategy Maxime Landry

The Project :

Maxime LandryMaxime Landry is a Quebec performer who became famous in the cultural scene thanks to Star Académie in 2009. His album, Vox Pop, which has sold over 40000 copies in its first week of sales in Quebec, is now certified double-platinum. The album's success is partially due to Vortex Solution's social networking development strategies. Therefore, Productions J was sold on the idea about Vortex Solution designing a platform that gives users the opportunity to take part in a contest that provides them control over choosing the songs that would make the cut on the album.

The Solution :

Vortex Solution has built a social networking campaign in which Maxime Landry fans were invited to vote online for their favorite songs that would be featured on Vox Pop, and by which it has significantly helped to market the album.

The Outcome :

5 000 people were drawn to go online to take part in the Vox Pop contest thanks to a close collaborative work with Vortex Solution. In a way, the company has made it possible for Maxime Landry to become one of Quebec's biggest musical acts in the last five years which has rewarded him a double-platinum album.

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