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Social Network Strategy Les Auberges du coeur

The Project :

Founded in 1990, Fondation Auberges du cœur is a non-profit-making organization whose mission is to lend a hand to disadvantaged youngsters in Quebec. The Foundation organizes many public awareness campaigns in order to promote their activities and to encourage people to stand shoulder to shoulder with today's youth. This is why Vortex Solution, joined by Montreal agency Bleublancrouge and Elliot-Elliot, carried out the "Un coup dehors" video project in which about thirty Quebec artists were filmed singing one of their songs on different Montreal corner streets.

The Solution :

Vortex Solution implemented social networks as well as putting up online videos of the "Un coup dehors" event through various platforms which allowed it to become a larger-scaled project due to an increased web visibility.

The Outcome :

This joint collaboration contributed to the Foundation's awareness campaign through its strategic use of social networks. This team work turned out to be productive on all levels; the organization successfully got its solidarity message across and the company, in support of a great cause, pulled of a great media stunt.

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