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Social Network Strategy UPA (Union des producteurs agricoles)

The Project :

As a promoter and proud representative of Quebec's field workers, the UPA (L'Union des producteurs agricoles) has made its mark in the agricultural community. The amount of effort that has been invested in improving the workers' living conditions and the commitment that the organization has demonstrated throughout the years have made it possible for the UPA to give voice to the agricultural community. In the same manner, Vortex Solution has launched and rolled-out a communicational strategy for the UPA on social networks that produced a most positive result: the organization is putting the Facebook and Twitter platforms to good use by sharing information about its activity and to keep UPA fans posted on current affairs

The Solution :

Promotional campaigns were launched for the audience, such as a photo-contest which took part on Open Day in Quebec farms and which attracted a significant amount of contestants on Facebook. UPA fans were asked to go to one the contest's participating farms and to photograph the surroundings. The owner of the picture that got the most "iLike" votes has been granted $1000 worth of groceries to Provigo, and other contestants were eligible to win two $200 "Marché de chez nous" baskets.

The Outcome :

By being present on Facebook and by organizing and carrying into effect promotional campaigns, the UPA has managed to increase its visibility on social networks and, consequently, to raise public awareness in regard to UPA's projects and developments.

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