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LinkedIn: a social network that holds up and excels

LinkedIn: a social network that holds up and excels

18 March | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

LinkedIn: a social network that holds up and excels

Not only does the most professional network in the world (around 100 million members throughout over 200 countries) help people to boost their career and to profile potential candidates, LinkedIn also offers a wide range of services and tools that enable members to promote their profile, to find information and to label their contacts. Many new features that have just been launched on the LinkedIn platform will consolidate the company’s position as a predominant social media. We all know that the battle is fierce in the Web 2.0 field!


In Map: a LinkedIn network social mapping feature

In Map allows the LinkedIn network to create an interactive social map. This tool helps to illustrate different types of connections: current employer, academic knowledge, work colleagues, past employers, past colleagues, etc. When users click on a specific contact, their profile shows up on the side of the map and links that are associated to their profile are highlighted. Acting as a true professional network archiving system, In Map, however, requires that a user must have at least 50 types of connections in order to be activated.

View In Map video:

Signal: To look for and categorize published articles

Signal’s main advantage is to better Twitter integration into the LinkedIn network. Allowing users to look for and filter published articles results (specifically through Tweets) thanks to eight types of filters (network, industry, company, publication date, geographical position, school and hash tags), Signal redefines information watch features, by offering the advantage to quickly highlight the most popular articles. Signal also allows users to save researches so they can be connected to updates.


LinkedIn Skills: Point out your skills

Thanks to LinkedIn Skills, users can now improve their profile by enhancing their specific types of skills and by pointing out their degree of expertise as well as their skill-related seniority. This tool lets recruiters and professionals view lists of personal, group and company profiles that have specific skills.


Year in review: To keep up with your network

Year in review lets users follow their LinkedIn network evolution and to find out about what their contacts have accomplished professionally, throughout the years.


LinkedIn: Beyond online CVs; true company showcases

For several months now, companies and businesses have the possibility to develop their own commercial profile on LinkedIn. Functioning similarly to Facebook’s Fan Pages, company profiles enable network users to be updated about new employee postings (promotions, new employees, partnerships, etc.), to find out about job offers and to follow a company’s news feed. LinkedIn’s Company page has been conceived in keeping with Facebook’s Fan Page B2B concept and it turns out to be extremely profitable for increasing brand and product visibility, and to promote and consolidate an image towards a targeted audience which generally demonstrates a high-purchasing power.


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Gregory A. Lussier

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Excellent post, LinkedIn ne cesse de m'impressionner. En espérant qu'il sache conserver son statut de réseau social le plus axé sur les relations professionnelles.

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