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Companies in the digital age

Companies in the digital age

07 April | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Mankind has lived through the Stone Age, the Neolithic period, the Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Modern Age and the Industrial revolution, building, over time, societal structures that enable humans to communicate with each other and that continuously improve interactions between them. Humankind is gregarious, probably the most gregarious of all species known to exist. From hunter-gatherer tribes to megacities such as Tokyo and New York, individuals, for thousands of years, have established a process of interaction by which humankind is able to evolve. At the dawn of the 21st century, humanity has entered a new era, one that completely transforms interpersonal relationships; welcome to the digital age!


In order to go beyond this simple matter of fact, we believe that the digital era restates and redefines, at an accelerated speed, all the eras that man has lived through. A recent study about this topic was published by Yann Leroux, blogger of interest and psychoanalyst, member of the Observatoire des mondes numériques en sciences humaines. According to some of his thoughts, the digital revolution highlights many facets of social evolution: web users today are on the hunt for information of all kinds, as did the first Homo sapiens when they went foraging for food. The coming of blogs and online social communities have quickly instituted micro societies that share the same interests and that have hierarchical structures and policies, usually supported by opinion leaders (professional influencers, moderators).


If we consider the digital society’s evolutionary speed, we can state that the industrialization movement carries on thanks to applications that mark the web and that define its structures. In fact, data densification and link sharing in a Web 2.0 way is reminiscent of urbanization which changed the lifestyle of our species.


A digital age where barriers are no longer physical

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have included the 2011 Internet global mapping. It is striking to see that our planet is moving increasingly toward a mass population that is 100% connected, with interconnected nations and information that is becoming more and more accessible. This must be the best proof of globalization, where temporal and spatial barriers no longer exist and where simultaneous exchanges have the upper hand.

2011 Internet global mapping


Quebec, increasingly connected

According to Statistics Canada’s latest Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS), the average Internet use in Quebec experiences a prominent growth and extends out to larger segments of the population. The outskirts of cities show the highest Internet consumption rates (Laval: 86.8%, Montreal: 83%, Outaouais: 79.6%) and households that earn $85 000 and more per year have reached a record-high 94.7%. Social Media usage has also made an important leap of 41% in 2010 and as for commerce, 91.7% of Quebeckers that went to online stores have paid for goods or services directly on the Internet. As for new mobile technologies- Smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android are mainly used by young professionals and high-level executives-, trends are established upon a larger audience, specifically thanks to the breakthrough of digital tablets and mobile companies’ low-cost packages.


Companies’ new cybermarketing challenges

In the digital age, having an Internet exposure is becoming the main challenge for companies who wish to increase the growth of their business activities. Brands must now know how to efficiently use new communication technologies so that the actions that they choose to take become profitable. Beyond the basic website, there are numerous and complex opportunities to explore: search engine optimization strategies, viral campaigns, social network implementation, mobile applications and websites, QR codes, e-commerce, newsletters, online surveys, blogs and publications, Web TV, etc.


Today, web marketing companies such as Vortex Solution specialize in setting up comprehensive and progressive Internet strategies that are able to meet the goals of a company.


By analyzing the digital era and its various ramifications, in addition to studying the habits of micro societies and those of individuals, we will be able to offer solutions adapted to the needs of companies today, to make up for their past actions and to envision their future presence.


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Gaston Lacroix

Thursday, April 7, 2011 En plus du texte qui est vraiment très bon, je trouve que les deux figures sont très belles, pertinentes et très représentatives de l'idée maîtresse de l'article.

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