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Quebec is on the fast track to Web TV

Quebec is on the fast track to Web TV

13 April | Posted by @Guy Michon


Quebec is on the fast track to Web TV

In 2010, Quebec television has taken a new turn that could read the pulse of the future of our traditional ‘’small screen’’. The coming of TOU.TV, Illico web and other interactive television platforms pushed forward by industry leaders is no coincidence. The rules of the game have changed, maybe even more than you might think.


Web TV: revolution?

At the heart of the challenges that the digital industry is facing, Web TV has made a lot of noise and is at the crux of numerous debates in Quebec as elsewhere. Considered as passive actors for many decades, viewers today now have the possibility to actively take part in their level of visual consumption: movies and shows on-demand, exclusive content available on the Internet, etc. TV’s appeal has changed and generalist and specialized channels work twice as hard in order to survive. Because of tools such as Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation, the ruler of our living room is turning into a common playground, a sharing area, a music and video-related store, a giant photo album and more.


Moreover, beyond its traditional screen, TV must now adapt to new user habits and become mobile, considering that users want to view their selection on various platforms such as computers, Smartphones and digital tablets.


Quebec users are connected

In 2010, over 41% of Quebec web users watch TV and listen to the radio on the Internet, and there should be a 71% increase of Web TV users in the course of one year only! The main connected auditors are web users between 25 and 34 years old, mostly professionals and students living in urban centers.


There is a good reason to believe that 2011 will be the foundation upon which the new TV highway will be built. The question lies in finding out which materials will mark our path!


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