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Tip of the week: Have you thought about affiliate programs?

Tip of the week: Have you thought about affiliate programs?

19 September | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Web affiliate programs are marketing techniques that consist in promoting products and services on other Web platforms in order to increase traffic on an e-commerce website and to boost online sales.

A simple and affordable solution to boost your e-commerce, affiliate programs are not the same as advertising since they shift away from the main purpose of buying advertising spaces to enhance visibility. Websites and blogs that choose to have your name and products displayed benefit from putting in the necessary efforts to raise your public profile because their profits are based on sales commissions they generate.

For a company that enters e-commerce, the advantages of an online affiliate strategy are considerable:


  • Commissions are paid based only on sales carried out by affiliates
  • Advertising costs are fully covered by affiliates
  • Transactions are completed in full on your transactional website
  • Buyer information remains your company’s exclusive property
  • Possibility to position your brand and products right at the heart of websites and blogs where your target audience is located
  • Reach out to potential buyers in a “neutral” environment with no apparent advertising undertone

Launched for the first time by Amazon in 1996, the philosophy that lies behind the affiliate program is simple: to capitalize on a website, blog or opinion leader’s reputation in order to offer content to the public audience that will be directed to your website.



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