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This week’s Top 5 basics to increase your online sales

This week’s Top 5 basics to increase your online sales

23 September | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Venturing into e-commerce? You’re already there, but you wish to increase your sales and attract more prospects to your e-commerce platform? Here are some useful tips to follow and take into serious consideration to reach your goals!


1- Create a successful, unique and pleasant online purchasing experience. Browsing your e-store should be intuitive and simple for customers. They should be able to find products that interest them quickly and each products page must contain useful information: pictures, videos, price list, technical specifications, available quantity, size, colors available, suggestions of similar or complementary items, payment methods, average delivery time, buyers comments, possibility to create your own shopping cart and add your selections without exiting the page being displayed, possibility to share an item with friends, comparison tool, etc.

2- Make sure that each page of your online products catalogue is well indexed on search engines. Well-indexed pages, carefully chosen titles and names of products looked for on search engines, and keywords inserted in the editorial content are all important aspects to be considered in order to ensure exposure on search engines.

3- Give serious consideration to mobile websites and application. Your customers are shifting gears and mobile platforms are more than ever an essential showcase to adopt if you want to be accessible at all times and boost sales. Not quite convinced? In 2011, smartphone and mobile tablets sales exceeded computer sales!


4- Think about affiliate programs. To have visibility on websites and blogs where your target audience members are and to generate traffic to your website, online catalogue or specific products pages without having to pay for an advertising space; it’s possible! For more information, I encourage you to read our article that deals with the topic of affiliate programs.


5- Use the Social Media wisely. Make your customers your brand ambassadors. Over 50% of web users are influenced by opinions and comments posted in their Facebook community.


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Thursday, September 29, 2011 Et ne pas oublier une solide stratégie de Link Building !

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