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New Facebook Features

New Facebook Features

28 September | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Last Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new array of features that will be deployed on the largest social network. He also stated that Facebook will transform the way we educate ourselves thanks to our friends… a huge declaration that leaves room for skepticism among the Facebook community. However, it has to be said that the cofounder and his team will make their best effort to consolidate Facebook’s already tentacular popularity!

New partnerships for a multimultimedia Facebook
In the next couple of weeks, web users will notice new features that will enable them to access video, musical and information content, in just one click, and without leaving their Facebook page. Thanks to some partnerships that were established with Spotify (music), Netflix (video) and Yahoo! (information), web users can find out what their friends are listening to, what they’re watching or reading, and all this in real time. We have to admit that we’re far away from the times where we went to the video store and to the library (thankfully)… but we should still bear in mind that Facebook does everything to encourage us to share more and more personal information (food for thought).

Timeline: Tell the story of your life
As a genuine personal biography, Facebook’s new Timeline feature allows users to transform the content published on their Facebook profile into a chronological-settled tree where nothing is forgotten! Each Facebook year is illustrated: statuses, pictures, comments, new friends, group associations, etc. Users can even complete their pre-Facebook life story in order to get a full and detailed autobiography. Offering an extremely well-designed layout, Timeline is now available to Facebook developers, but the new interface should soon be available to all 800 million users.

For those that still doubt Facebook’s Big Brother power, you will be completely amazed at how accurate, complete and detailed your historical data is on your Timeline. Honestly, it’s uncomfortable, even if users will have a better control over their information. But, as the saying goes, writings remain! Don’t forget!

Slightly reminding us of Twitter’s timeline, Facebook Ticker displays your friends, groups and pages’ live news feed. Introduced a while ago in a new window on the right side of your Facebook page, Ticker is – surprisingly– hardly unanimous among users; in fact, blogs are providing us with countless ways to get rid of it!

A little bit more new stuff
-    Possibility to select the location where a picture was taken
-    Possibility to choose the coverage your posts get (public, acquaintances, close friends, family, geographical area, company, custom, etc.). We actually expected it, because Facebook did not want to get scooped by Google+ for these kinds of advantages.
-    Possibility to subscribe to someone in order to follow his/her public content without becoming friends (this reminds us of Twitter and Google+’s main feature).

Will these new features upset some users despite what they actually offer? Unfortunately, yes. Just as I told one of my colleagues last week, the problem with all this new stuff is that they’re forced upon web users. Some of them have a hard time getting around Facebook’s time-specific changes. To make an allegory of this situation, it’s as if we would force someone to live in a constant state of renovations. Sure, your house will be beautiful and more practical, but you can still lose your way. For Timeline, we’re thinking it will be just like moving out, so get packing!

View Facebook’s Timeline official new video!


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