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Sourcing through the Social Media: an important tool for Human Resources

Sourcing through the Social Media: an important tool for Human Resources

26 October | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Last Monday, I have studied the issue on how to apply some basic rules to develop a recruitment strategy for employment brands and how to put tools designed for HR to good use, so they can recruit in 2.0 mode. As we have seen, the impact of the Social Media on the job market is increasingly strong; the Social Media is now seen as an essential tool to use to showcase companies, highlight their business philosophy and locate potential employees.

The Social Media has become:

  1. A targeted advertisement platform that promotes a company’s benefits to candidates and professionals of its industry.
  2. A sourcing tool for HR to tap into talent.

Source : Paperblog

What do we mean by sourcing?
Sourcing makes it easier for recruiters to search, profile, classify, study and select potentially interesting candidates that share the same values and way of thinking as them. In the United States and in Europe, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are increasingly sought as the countries’ main recruitment tool. But, beyond these “traditional” social networks, Human Resources departments thrive on several customized platforms that link employers and jobseekers together. Among innovations, there are these French platforms, Job Rendez-Vous, Do youbuzz, and Our cousins from France have absolutely understood that the hiring process now goes through the Web!

The importance of sourcing
  • Helps to find candidates that don’t visit websites related to job searching, where your job offers are posted. These candidates are usually already established within a company and aren’t necessarily looking for a job.
  • Lowers recruitment fees of HR departments thanks to tools that act as headhunters.
  • Allows you to build a bank of potential candidates in advance, and even to establish long term contacts. Once again, social networks are excellent tools to build and expand a qualified database.
  • Helps to engage in a conversation and create more personal relationships with potential candidates.
  • Targets proper candidates better.

Monster sets up its Facebook platform
The world’s leading career and job search portal has recently deployed its very own Facebook application in order to offer their users a professional space quite distinct from the private one. With BeKnow, Monster gives users the possibility to create their own business network, built from chosen LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and Facebook contacts and lets them post their own Monster profile directly on the platform. Monster also enables users to use the new Social Referral Program so they can be notified about online job offers that they can share on their BeKnow network.

To go beyond
On November 24, the first conference about recruiting with the Social Media will be held in Paris. Several respected HR figures that have developed powerful Social Media strategies will show attendees how to make their employment brand shine and how to make the best use of various 2.0 sourcing tools. The conference will be broadcasted live on the website.


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