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What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

20 February | Posted by @Guy Michon

What is Pinterest?
You’ve probably heard alot of talk about Pinterest in recent months. It’s because the website exploded in popularity; in fact, Pinterest has gone from 1.2 million users last August to over 4 million today!

Pinterest is a social network based on the concept of organizing and sharing interesting and stimulating pictures. Once downloaded and shared on Pinterest, these images are transformed into Pins. Users can place them in whatever order they like according to a variety of themes. Thanks to Pinterest, you can now free your inner creative spirit on every subject imaginable. The possibilities are endless.

What is the purpose of Pinterest?

Although Pinterest’s main purpose consists in pinning pictures, this social platform also acts as an essential tool for those who have a specific goal in mind. Some create a thematic board for every room of their house and then add their design ideas for them. At Vortex Solution, for instance, clients use it to show us inspiring pictures for their future website. Some of our graphic designers use it to organize images that are stimulating to them in their artistic process.

Therefore, Pinterest gathers, in a single place, users who make use of thematic boards to share their ideas and inspiration with others. Pinterest also allows users to pin videos such as movie trailers, seaming tutorials and a variety of viral videos.

How does Pinterest work?

Pinning is easy with the official PIN, a plug-in that enables users to drag and drop images onto a board. When you find an image you like, you just need to click on the Pin it button and select the image. Assign each pinned image to a thematic board, add some text and that’s it! And in case you get inspired while you’re on the road, you just have to take a picture of the subject of your inspiration with your iPhone. Then, add it to your thematic boards with the mobile application. To fill your board with images, don’t be shy to take the ones you like on your friends’ board or anywhere else on the website.

Pinterest: recommendation tool?
Pinterest can be used as a promotional platform for your business. However, you need to do so without falling into excess. It is highly advisable not to spam your thematic boards with over-commercial content, even if you’re promoting your own products, projects and services. There is no formal ban on this, but we strongly encourage you to contribute to the community in a more constructive manner if you want to gain more esteem. Take this opportunity to build your brand image by getting in touch with other people who have the same interests as you, and share images that mirror the nature of your business.


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