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Case study

Viral Web Contests Minçavi


The Project

Wanting to offer greater visibility to its services and line of products that promote a healthy lifestyle, Quebec-based company Minçavi decided to organize a web contest with the help of Vortex Solution. Although the initial idea consisted in requesting the participation of web users on social networks and collect "Likes", it became rapidly apparent that such a participation mode presented legal difficulties. An alternative solution was needed to ensure the proper calculation of the number of votes and ensure that the web platform’s exposure would not be affected. Facing that kind of challenged, Vortex Solution teamed with Minçavi to hold a hybrid viral contest.

The Solution

Vortex Solution developed the "Équilibre ta vie avec Minçavi" project featured under the Contest tab of Minçavi’s website and launched on social networks using a Facebook sharing tool. The idea was simple: to enter the contest, candidates had to:

  • Sign up by creating a profile
  • Explain why they should win the grand prize
  • Submit a picture

As soon as the registration was effective, participants received an invitation and were granted a free admission to a first Minçavi motivation session. To gather the most votes, candidates had to share their profile on Facebook and encourage their friends to do the same so that a maximum of web users would go on the Minçavi website and vote for their favourite candidate.

The Outcome

In just 1 month, the contest has won 51,562 votes thanks to the promotion Salut, Bonjour! did on its show and with the number of shares on the Facebook platform that generated a viral effect. More specifically, the "Équilibre ta vie avec Minçavi" contest attracted 1,990 candidates that were able to take advantage of a free admission to a motivation session. At the same time, the company fulfilled its objective of making its brand known and promoting a healthy lifestyle to a number of Québécois. The implementation of the hybrid contest and the promotional campaign has helped to increase the company, its products and services’ visibility and reputation.

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