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It’s Yulbiz’s fifth birthday; and Vortex Solution was there!

It’s Yulbiz’s fifth birthday; and Vortex Solution was there!

30 March | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

March 30 2011. A day that will certainly be engraved in the memory of Montreal’s Social Media Addict community, because Yulbiz celebrated its fifth birthday!

Yulbiz is an international group of web professionals that wish to make 2.0 networking democratic, and who encourage blog usage in business, political, cultural, educational, communicational and marketing spheres. Founded in Montreal under a happy-hour/networking form, Yulbiz is established in Montreal, Quebec, Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Habana, Lille, Geneva, San Francisco, Barcelona and Dijon. Thanks to its dynamic founders, Michelle Blanc and Philippe Martin, our city is proud that it can rely on its active and passionate web blogging crew!

Vortex Solution congratulates Yulbiz founders and members for their amazing work!

Vortex Solution at Yulbiz's fifth anniversary!

From left to right: Mathieu Lachapelle, Guy Michon, Marie-Ève Michaud, Philippe R. Bertrand, Grey Recanati.

‘‘Because we are all social, connected and because we live in a time where geographical barriers have been crossed thanks to an exceptional media.’’ Bravo Yulbiz! And Happy Birthday!


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