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Case study

Web Performances Assurancia


The Project

Assurancia is a Quebec insurance brokerage firm for people looking for a business insurance broker or an individual insurance broker.

With a team of over 180 brokers that know the insurance market and its many facets inside and out, Assurancia advises its clients in choosing a home insurance policy, car insurance or travel insurance that fully meets their needs or their company’s needs. Assurancia brokers’ expertise covers every aspect of these types of insurances, even the most challenging ones like RV insurance or high net worth home owner insurance.

In a field as competitive as insurance, Assurancia wanted to stand out from its competitors with an optimal web presence. The company decided to give Vortex Solution the mandate to plan an articulated web strategy and to launch a variety of tools that would allow the company’s website to be further promoted on the Internet.

The Solution

Vortex Solution put forward a web performance strategy that extended to different parts of Assurancia’s website and generated optimal results that will still be measurable in the years to come.

• Retargeting. Different ads for different target audiences that have already shown an interest for insurance have been placed on numerous websites.

SEM. A SEM campaign was deployed using keywords carefully selected by our team of experts.

Separating the microsites from the main website on Google, to help with the search engine optimization.

Audit and problem resolution as to what was blocking the website’s indexation (mainly regarding the server and the .htaccess) to avoid having Google’s tools flag an error regarding the robots.txt.

• Website content optimization: The website was enhanced and developed. Rich and relevant content with well-targeted keywords plays a crucial role in a website’s ranking on search engines like Google, and helps build greater customer trust.

• Blog article copywriting: the insurance industry is complex and often requires in-depth expertise. Many web users browsing the web are looking for answers to their insurance questions, whether it’s getting advice on how to file a claim or information regarding the different types of policies available. Multiple informative blog articles were written for Assurancia and published on recognized websites such as Agent Solo. This has the effect of increasing Assurancia’s visibility and promoting the employees’ expertise on the Web, even beyond the company’s website.

The Outcome

Assurancia’s website has a favourable ranking on Google, which makes it accessible to a larger number of web users who are looking for efficient insurance brokerage services.

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