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Interac Online Payment: An Advantage for E-Commerce Websites

Paying online with a credit card has become customary and to some extent, obvious. But did you know that you can also make online payments with Interac (debit)? Fast, easy and safe, this online payment solution allows you to settle an invoice or purchase an item online using money from your own bank account and not credit. For many consumers, this makes a huge difference in how they manage their money. As an increasing number of web users are using Interac for their online transactions, merchants have everything to gain by keeping the pace.

The Advantages to Accepting
Interac Payments

In addition to being a low-cost solution (no client authentication costs, competitive fees, transparent pricing and more), online Interac payment is incredibly safe. Some of our clients that chose this solution for their e-commerce website include Centre dentaire Serge Chaussé, Pneus à bas prix, Paiement Uni, GIQ Auction and others.

Needless to say, Interac online payments will increase in popularity. At Vortex Solution, we are ready to keep up with this trend and take all necessary measures to ensure our clients can take advantage of this interesting solution!

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