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Launch of the Printemps Numérique website

Vortex Solution announces the website launch of Printemps Numérique, a non-profit organization promoting digital creation and creativity through its event held annually from March 21 to June 21. The 2017 edition drew a crowd of over 700,000 participants that took part in 300 activities focusing on digital creativity. The success of Printemps Numérique goes to show just how much digital art reigns supreme in Montreal.

The Vortex Solution team designed a brand-new website just in time for the 2018 edition of Printemps Numérique. The new platform was completely revamped and features new sections, including one that lists all the proposed projects and another that’s exclusive to members, allowing participating organizations to promote their events. User experience was also improved thanks to filters that let users sort events based on their popularity.

For more information on Printemps Numérique and to see our team’s work, go to

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