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Chrome 68: HTTPS reigns supreme and gives way to enhanced site security

With the launch of Google Chrome 68, the American mogul wants to alert users of unsecure websites and encourage website owners to comply with the HTTPS security protocol to enhance online security. Specifically, if a website does not use HTTPS, Google will mark it as “Not secure” in the navigation bar. This measure is intended to serve as a warning to both users and search engines.

However, an unsecure site does not necessarily mean it poses a risk. If the website does not share or contain sensitive information, users can continue browsing the site worry-free.


Example of the warning notice displayed by Chrome.
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As a preventive measure, website owners can resort to several solutions to commit to Google’s security standards:


  • Installing an SSL certificate: sends a positive message to search engines while helping the site with its natural indexing. Plus, a website that has an SSL certificate is seen as trustworthy by web users.
  • Using Cloudflare: secures the connection between the user and Cloudflare (much to Chrome’s delight) and gives users access to Cloudflare’s benefits.
  • Combining SSL + Cloudflare: the best of both worlds.

For further details on Google’s latest Chrome version and the impact it can have on your website, please feel free to contact us.

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