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Launch of the new rewards program on Orléans Express’ WordPress website

Vortex Solution announces the launch of the ongoing work we carried out for Orléans Express. A leader in bus transportation, Orléans Express provides the users of its services with plenty of amenities and competitive benefits. These benefits can be found in the company’s loyalty program on which we have focused our efforts.

Vortex Solution’s mandate was to carry out the newly designed program on the site, which went from being loyalty-based to rewards-based. Orléans Express’ customer base is now being rewarded for its loyalty, specifically through a system of social badges. Customers can now get all sorts of gifts, ranging from a free coffee that can be redeemed at the bus station to a free connection between two cities. The purpose of this change lies in the desire to make the comings and goings of travellers better and improve passenger comfort inside an Orléans Express bus.

From a technical standpoint, we developed an API to share data with the provider overseeing the program. From a UX standpoint, we conducted analyses and provided expertise and consulting to our client. Last, from a web marketing standpoint, we carried out SEO and SEM audits, worked on the client’s Facebook and RTB campaigns and provided consulting services in a spirit of collegiality.

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to find out more about Orléans Express’ new rewards program and for more information.

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