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Launch of the graphic redesign of the Hebdraulique® website

Vortex Solution announces the launch of the graphic redesign of the Hebdraulique® website, an industrial plumbing company. Hebdraulique® is unique in its kind, showing great flexibility and proximity by offering tailor-made solutions as well as 11 points of service throughout Quebec. Bringing high-quality products to many industries using heavy machinery and hydraulic equipment, the company now occupies a prime position in the hydraulic industry thanks to its reliable, specialized and comprehensive services.

The graphic and responsive redesign of the Hebdraulique® site is part of an overall redesign project. Two other phases are in progress, the first being the development of an online catalogue linked to the client’s API and the second being the creation of an online store and a B2B2C transactional site. Principles from the agile method have been implemented, including a workflow based on the use of a Trello table to assess the complexity of the tasks to be performed.

Visit to learn more about this company with more than 40 years of expertise in its field.

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