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Google Careers: A Powerful Tool to Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

Google Careers allows your job postings to be integrated into Google Search results and displayed in an intuitive interface that provides a glimpse of your postings’ essential information. But how does Google choose which information gets put forward? By adding structured data.

Structured data, as the name suggests, refers to data that has been organized in a way that helps Google’s robots make sense of the content. This feature allows information to be integrated seamlessly into Google Careers' interface and be found quickly by potential candidates. What we get is enriched search results.

How it works

Once you have determined which data will likely interest potential candidates, the next step is to structure the data. This process involves formatting the displayed elements using a schema supported by Google (i.e. JSON). Here’s an example:

There are countless ways to set up your job postings: integration of logos, images, geolocation, titles, descriptions, remuneration, contacts, etc. Google is continually adding new features to help job seekers narrow down their queries even further.

Case studies

Insurance Works

The Insurance Works platform helps job seekers find a career in Canada’s insurance industry. The platform, which displays a large number of job postings, needed to have an automated structured data integration system to allow all new positions to appear in Google Careers. Through dynamic automation, each new position gets a posting that includes a higher or lesser degree of data.

Au Coq

Companies in the fast food industry are continually looking for workforce across their many branches. With structured data, job details, as well as their specific geographic location(s), are provided in Google Search results. This feature also allows job seekers to submit their application via the company's website, or other platforms (Jobillico or LinkedIn, for example).

Feel free to contact us to learn more about Google Careers and the integration of structured data on your site. Make the most of what Google has to offer and speed up your hiring process!

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