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AVL Track's mission is to offer his customers a reliable, easy to use yet very efficient business solution. Our developers and engineers have worked non-stop for the last two years to come up with this new generation of GPS technology.

AVL Track is a Montreal born company, built on solid foundations. It is the result of 20 years of experience. The shareholders of Radio Service LCT Inc. have developed a precious expertise and a solid financial base.

This is why we decided to develop the AVL Track tracking system based on the cellular phones. In only two years, we went from a bold idea, to the making it happen and offering it today to more than 1700 users!

With the help of our precious partner that is the Toronto based company CANTRACKS, we are now offering our technology all across Canada and will soon be offering it in the US and Europe.

Being the innovators and creators of this new technology, be assured that we will fulfill your needs in terms of GPS Tracking, for many years down the road.

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