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Apple’s October 4th conference: an overview in four highlights

Apple’s October 4th conference: an overview in four highlights

05 October | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix & Mathieu Grenier

Yesterday, Apple held a conference that was highly-anticipated by the brand’s devotees and technoid journalists, just as they would be for the Coming of the Messiah! Alas, people were actually expecting the launch of a miraculous iPhone 5... a launch that’s been put on stand-by for a little while. But, after an initial sense of disappointment, Apple reported that they have some good instruments in store, which will allow them to continue to reign upon their throne

Without further delay, here is an overview in four highlights of what Apple announced during its official presentation:

iPhone 4S: Almost an iPhone 5?

  • Launch on October 14, but can be pre-ordered starting October 7.
  • In the same design as the iPhone 4.
  • Performance and speed twice as high thanks to the integration of iPad2’s A5 dual-core processor.
  • Extended battery life (8 hours worth of calls in 3G, 14 hours in 2G, 6 hours worth of browsing in 3G and 9 hours in Wi-Fi, 10 hours worth of videos and 40 hours of music).
  • Better signal reception with two antennas that operate individually to transmit and receive data.
  • Download time twice as fast. The iPhone 4S now joins the ranks of the most powerful Android phones.
  • An 8 megapixel camera (let us note that the iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera) that exceeds the level of performance of some Nikon and Canon cameras.
  • Video stabilization.
  • Slight drop in price.
  • Siri voice recognition: iPhone 4S’ biggest new feature! Siri is equipped with a voice recognition system that understands what you say and that leads you to the information you need. In practical terms, the Siri application will allow you to control everything on the iPhone 4S and to ask for information verbally. We would also like to mention that it enables schedule management and that it allows for road assistance, weather conditions, web queries, direct restaurant reservations, etc. Siri will only be available on the iPhone 4S.

After the conference, some of the media has been invited to test the famous iPhone 4S. While most journalists were charmed, some, however, mentioned that the Siri application still has to be improved before being completely useable in French and in German. Apple confirmed that Siri will undergo changes shortly. To be continued.

To recap: iPhone 3 and 3GS owners will most probably be impressed by the changes in the iPhone 4S which is alot more powerful than the batch of iPhone 3s. As for iPhone owners, I would suggest that they remain patient!

iOS 5: Over 200 new features for your mobile platforms

  • Launch on October 12.
  • Free upgrade for iPhones (3GS, 4 and 4S), iPads (1 and 2) and iPod Touches (3rd and 4th generations).
  • Improved notification system with the Notification Center that allows you to receive all your notifications under one roof.
  • Wireless synchronization.
  • Launch of the iMessage system that lets you send and receive messages from other iOS5 users. Halfway between text messaging, chatting and emailing, iMessage enables you to send pictures and videos, organize group conversations and see when someone is writing back to you.
  • Newsstand application launch (magazine and e-newspaper library with subscription management).
  • Reminders application: your very own to-do kit with integrated geolocation.
  • Easier Twitter integration.
  • Improved Photos application (possibility to edit your pictures directly onto your mobile platform, to sort them and to synchronize your albums with iCloud).

iCloud: in the clouds

  • Launch on October 12.
  • iCloud is an in-cloud system that enables you to stock data online and to automatically synchronize your inbox, documents, calendar, contacts, photo albums and music on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer).
  • iCloud Backup: 5 Gb of free storage space. iCloud Backup saves your data once a day. Music, applications and e-books don’t count as storage space.
  • Video files are not supported by iCloud.
  • Possibility to purchase additional storage space.

iPod Nano and iPod Touch: get them upgraded

  • Launch on October 12.
  • All new features will be available on the iPod, after updating.
  • Improved Nike+ application.
  • 16 new clock themes for the iPod Nano.
  • The iCloud system will be available to the iPod Touch, after updating.
  • iPod Touch available in white starting October 12.

All that’s left is to wait for a display of power from Apple since it’s been keeping up the pace. I bet there’ll be lots of people watching!

I’d like to thank my colleague Mathieu Grenier for his invaluable help in writing this article.


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