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14 June | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Vortex Solution is proud to support Quebec’s next generation and to promote a web initiative that is fully integrated to the new ways of searching and discovering restaurants.


The concept? An advanced website that features a comprehensive directory of restaurants in the Quebec area that can be found by using a search engine, allowing food lovers of all kinds to quickly find a restaurant according to what they’re craving on the spot, the restaurant’s atmosphere and their budget! also provides relevant chronicles, promotions, undisclosed recipes gracefully shared by some of Quebec’s best chefs, can’t-miss events, an online reservation system and a directory of job openings in the restaurant industry. The city of Quebec now has its own gourmet platform which could be the envy of many!


The people behind the project are two young visionaries of the Quebec area: Karl Boulanger and Jean-Sébastien Langlois. As recent graduates, the two associates are in full swing, to say the least!


With a precise and powerful business plan, the duo asked Vortex Solution to support their project. “When I first saw them stepping into my office, fully-equipped and ready to roll, it made me think of a time, not so far away, when Vortex was starting up. We believed in the Internet and we bet everything on it!” said Guy Michon, Vice President of Vortex Solution. “These two youngsters have the guts and the drive to reach their goals. Also, their project has everything it takes for a successful startup! We barely hesitated before providing them with our expertise and offering them the appropriate tools to develop an interactive platform that meets their ambition” added Mr. Michon.


More than just a website, is also: a mobile website with a geolocation feature, online contests, a complete calendar of events, a subscription to for VIP members, a Facebook page and a Twitter profile.


As an information searching and sharing platform for the general public, establishes itself as very useful tool for entrepreneurs in the food industry that seek quality exposure and the opportunity to post job offerings through the Jobs section. And that’s not it: member institutions of benefit from a half-priced subscription to Tolérance Zéro, a designated driver service that aims to raise public awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.


To Karl Boulanger and Jean-Sébastien Langlois, Vortex Solution raises its glass and wishes a long life. Cheers!



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