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This week’s Top 5 arguments that will convince you of the strong influence web users exert

This week’s Top 5 arguments that will convince you of the strong influence web users exert

14 October | Posted by @Catherine Beaumier Lacroix

Still unconvinced of the social power web users have and the control social media players have on a brand, service of product’s reputation? Yet, there’s clear evidence of web experience becoming more and more focused on sharing information and being influenced by the recommendations of our online community. More than ever, the Web is developing into a new sharing channel, content is truly taking off and gets tons of exposure as web users post it, share it and post it again. Free from the static Internet we used to know a long time ago, web users now create their own rules, create their own hype and get the information they seek for without even having to contact businesses directly – since, most of the time, they either aren’t active enough on social networks, don’t use the best approach or simply aren’t subscribed to social networks.

Proof in five convincing arguments:

1 - As part of a survey, the most recent study scheduled for the third quarter of 2011 by the CEFRIO shows that close to a third of web users in Quebec have already followed a company, a brand, an organization or a government department on the social media. In this proportion, more than half of web users have already directly interacted with a brand on the social media. Read more.

2 - The same study reveals that for Quebec web users, there are three main reasons why they would follow a company or a brand on social networks: 1- To hear about their latest news. 2- To find answers to their questions fast. 3- To learn more about promotional offers, rebates and special offers provided by the brand or company.

3 - On April 4, Barack Obama launched his 2012 electoral campaign... and the campaign to American presidency has been set on motion on social networks. “Are you in?” is what he shouted out on his Facebook page and Twitter account which respectively have 23 522 096 fans and 10 531 437 followers on October 13 2011. Barack Obama lets the people speak up, promotes dialogue and creates a real collective movement. The social media unfolds like a communication and commitment platform for American citizens (and a large number of worldwide supporters).

4 - On October 4, IBM published an article entitled "Social CRM : Soyez plus proche des préoccupations de vos clients afin de les (re) placer au centre de votre stratégie", that explains that close to 40 million Europeans have already decided not to purchase a product after having read negative feedback on the Internet. As established spokespersons, businesses and brands should have a strong interest in communicating with consumers, getting to know their opinions, measuring the importance of opinion leaders and react to unsatisfied customers on social networks.

5 - If you’re still unconvinced, this in-depth article –which illustrates quite strikingly the reality of today’s Web and upcoming trends –will give you lots of food for thought. Read The Rise of Generation C

Web users of today may still be your customers and audience, but don’t lose sight of them since they also establish themselves as your brand advertisers and ambassadors. A word to the wise!


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